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Decaar Algae Peel

What is Decaar Algae Peel?

The DÉCAAR Algae peel is a combination of natural ingredients based on Algae, Herbs, and Perfluorodecalin. It works differently to any other skin resurfacer from the inside out, from the basal layer to the surface. It accelerates skin cell turn over from 4-8 weeks to an outstanding 72 hours!

How does it work?

DÉCAAR Algae Peeling Regimen works biologically, providing a 100% safe treatment process working from the inside out. The micro-fibres of the peeling powder penetrate the skin, increasing the blood flow and production of new cells. Pushing the skin through the cell turnover cycle much quicker than it would naturally, few days after the facial treatment the skin will start to peel and flake away revealing newer healthier skin from within.

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Real Results


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