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In August 2019, Katy opened her first flagship clinic in Portsmouth. Katy quickly outgrew her original clinic, and in May 2022 moved herself and her colleague Damien, into a bigger premises with an additional 2 rooms.
The clinic provides a safe and supportive space for bespoke treatments and skincare plans. Client confidentiality and privacy are the core values at Katy Carters Aesthetics LTD. There are private spaces for consultations and creating pharmaceutical grade skincare plans for clients.

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Katy Carter

Katy Carter is the owner and founder of Katy Carter Aesthetics LTD.
Katy Carter Aesthetics is a corrective skincare clinic which supports, educates and treats a variety of skin conditions. Katy Carter Aesthetics aims to use scientific and holistic methods alongside innovative pharmaceutical grade skincare brands and medical grade treatments, to provide life changing results.
Katy Carter Aesthetics is a results driven clinic with a luxury feel. Katy has taken aspects from various types of “beauty” industries to mould her clinic into what it is today. Katy takes pride in keeping up with the latest technology, research, and practices to continue to progress her clients’ results. 
Katy specialises in treating a variety of skincare concerns such as acne, pigmentation, scarring, ageing, rosacea, and body/facial lesions.
Katy also has a high following on social media, where she is able to share her knowledge and expertise with her followers as well as content of her practice.
In August 2021, Katy won silver for Skincare specialist of the year at The British Hair and Beauty Awards.
In September 2021 Katy was awarded skincare specialist of the year at The Prestige Awards.
Her Journey
Katy has been in the skin industry for over ten years. Katy started her career by completing a two year beauty qualification at Highbury College. She then worked in a spa, where she was able to learn the fundamental basics to facial treatments. After gaining this experience, Katy then moved on to work in a salon, before she finally found her passion within the medical skincare field in 2015.
Katy continued to build her knowledge and skills whilst working at a medical skincare clinic for three years. Here Katy was able to further her expertise by completing additional qualifications in skin needling, mesotherapy, chemical peels, IPL & Laser & skin tightening treatments. 
With over 6 years of experience within the industry, Katy then decided to become self-employed and as a result, created Katy Carter Aesthetics LTD.
On the 23rd April 2020 Katy introduced her first product; the KC Cloths, a 6X sold out product. The KC cloth is a non-toxic, reusable, microfiber make-up remover.

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Damien Stevens

Damien's journey into skincare was sparked by his own personal struggles with skin issues. As a teenager, he battled with acne, experimenting with various topical and medical treatments prescribed by doctors. However, he found limited success with these approaches and ultimately discovered a solution through his own skincare regimen.
After spending 11 years as a hairdresser, Damien's passion for hair gradually faded and his desire to assist others with their skin concerns grew stronger. In January 2022, he pursued initial skin training, equipping him with the skills to provide effective treatments to clients. Shortly after, he committed himself to a more comprehensive and intensive training program, acquiring additional qualifications while actively working in a clinic. By October 2022, he successfully completed this rigorous training.
At the core of Damien's approach lies the belief that happy, healthy skin is paramount. With a nurturing and compassionate demeanour, he combines result-oriented treatments with an effective skincare routine to optimise skin condition.

Find Us
350-352 London Road
Portsmouth, Hampshire

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